Distancing floor dotsBuilding Staff
  • All staff will wear PPE in tenant and production spaces.
  • Any employee will be sent home if sick or with fever.
  • Regular hand washing and use of hand sanitizers will be required.
  • New cleaning procedures have been developed by our consultant & CDC guidelines.
  • Staff has been trained on the new procedures and will perform them nightly.
  • Day porters will be focused on cleaning common area touchpoints and wiping down furniture throughout the day.
  • Daily restroom cleaning includes sanitizing all surfaces.
  • Fitness center cleaning includes sanitizing wipe down of all equipment & surfaces.
New Bluetooth Access for Vehicle/Pedestrain Gates
  • Readers have been upgraded to allow the use of a Bluetooth app on your phone to open the entry & exit gates.
  • Tenant Services can assist in setting up the access app. 
  • You can continue to use your card instead of the Bluetooth app if desired.
ID badge scannerVisitor Access
  • Guests will self-swipe Driver License (DL) and will not be required to exchange their DL with the security officer at the gate.
  • The parking pass will be placed under the windshield wiper in lieu of placing it inside the vehicle.
  • Visitor badges will NOT be issued. Guests will be asked to self-swipe their DL at various self-swipe checkpoints.
  • Please advise your guests of these procedures. 
Tower Elevators
  • Your office floor will automatically select when you present your access card from the 1st floor, tower lobby, or garage levels.
  • If you need to go to a different floor, enter the floor on the keypad BEFORE swiping your badge.
  • If you park on the same level daily, ask Tenant Services to have your parking level pre-programmed.
  • While waiting for an elevator, stand on the floor dots if possible. 
  • Elevator service will be impacted due to limiting the number of passengers, two (2), per cab.
  • Maintain your distance inside the cab; stand in the corners if possible.
Wing Elevators
  • While waiting for an elevator, stand on the floor dots if possible.
  • Maintain your distance inside the cab, stand in the corners if possible.
  • Opt to use the “touchless” stairwells  or escalators instead.
  • Follow signage for the separate entrance and exit paths  designated at Tower, Beaudry, & Maryland lobbies.  
  • Doors are modified to allow you to push to enter and exit, without touching any handles.
  • Socially distant markings are placed near the elevators, security console, & reception desk; stand on the dots if possible.
Lobby automatic doorTower Lobby
  • The new motion activated door on the RIGHT will automatically open. 
  • Use of the Chow Now app is highly encouraged to minimize wait times.
  • You are welcome to enjoy some of the areas around campus to dine with social distancing in mind.
Package Deliveries
  • The central drop off for FedEx/UPS deliveries will be the Business Center, located on the first floor of the tower by reception, to minimize foot traffic within the buildings.
  • Postal Service will continue to use the mailroom on C-level.
  • Food Deliveries
  • A central drop off station will be set up in the tower lobby for delivery personnel to leave the food orders.
  • Tell your food delivery service they will be dropping off in the tower lobby.
  • Tenants can pick up their food from this area.
  • Stage entry doorPrior to every new show taking a stage, it will be cleaned & sanitized, under the direction of our industrial hygienist; testing will be performed to confirm the process was successful.
  • Doors will be unlocked daily by our stage manager per your schedule; foot pulls have been added to the bottom of the doors to pull them open.
  • Handwashing stations will be added to each stage.
  • Purge fans will be run nightly, as well as the HVAC system, after stage wraps.
Conference Rooms
  • Use of virtual meetings is highly encouraged.
  • Use social distancing when setting up your seating arrangements.
  • All conference rooms will be cleaned and sanitized after each use.
  • Contact Tenant Services as soon as you finish, so they can start the cleaning process.

Mailing Address:

1201 West 5th Street, Suite T-110
Los Angeles, CA 90017

Phone: 213.534.3000

Main Gate:

450 South Bixel Street