We’re Here to Help!
We’re Here to Help!
LACS recently joined the "healthy building movement" by obtaining our Fitwel Certification. This certifies that we offer:
  • Secure bicycle parking
  • Outdoor spaces
  • Restorative garden areas
  • Entrances for outdoor pedestrian routes
  • Accessible stairwells for tenant use
  • On site exercise rooms free of charge
  • Healthy food selection with choice architecture practices
Life is Sweeter with a Dog
Life is Sweeter with a Dog

It’s been said that owning a dog doesn't just fill your heart; they actually make it stronger. Dogs are known to provide numerous healthy benefits to their owners and friends. Such as:

  • Improve heart health
  • Keep you fit and active
  • Help you lose weight
  • Improve your social life
  • Reduce stress
  • Add meaning and purpose
  • Stave off depression

So LACS invites you to bring your best friend in!

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body
Healthy Mind, Healthy Body
Regular meditation can improve your heart rate and ease stress and anxiety. So can laughing out loud! LACS invites you to discover one of our outdoor areas.

All are free to use and sometimes you’ll get them to yourself, so you can:

  • sit back
  • relax
  • meditate
  • listen to music
  • enjoy a book
  • eat outside
Alone or with friends, peace of mind promotes health!
Stretch Your Mind with Movement
Stretch Your Mind with Movement

Physical wellness is about taking proper care of our bodies and seeking care when needed. Exercising for even 20 or 30 minutes a day can have a positive impact on your mood and sense of well being.

  • The Fitness Center is free for all tenants to choose their workout.
  • If you want trainers to get you the optimal workout, sign up with Future Wellness to pump some iron.
  • For more casual activities, throw a game of Bocce Ball with your co-workers at the park or take the stairs.
  • Need more room to roam? Take the pedestrian turnstiles on Maryland Street or Beaudry Avenue to walk outside the campus.
  • If you ride bicycle, we have a secure indoor area or outdoor bike rack for you to park it.
Move It or Lose It!
Move It or Lose It!

One thing most experts agree on, most of us spend far too much time in front of screens and it's affecting our collective health. Below are 4 ways you can improve your circulation and your overall health. And LACS is happy to accommodate you!

  • Move it - work out in our Fitness Center or with Future Health
  • Get a Massage - Book one with Be Well Spa
  • Breathe Deeply - Find an outdoor spot and take a minute
  • Eat - Turn Court vending area serves fresh salads and Flix is full of healthy organic choices.
Go Ahead, Indulge Yourself
Go Ahead, Indulge Yourself
Sometimes you need a little help to shake off the day.  There are a few options accessible on the campus that can help.  Be Well Spa offers massages that will reset your day.  On-site within one hour of your call to perform any spa service and an after work appointment is a good alternative to rush hour traffic.  The trainers at Future Wellness guide you to achieve your best workout. It takes only 20 minutes to feel your energy renewed.
Working Out Relieves Stress
Working Out Relieves Stress

"Strength of mind is exercise, not rest."
-Alexander Pope

Use one of our amenities to directly benefit everyone in your company.  Future Wellness offers packages for companies who want to encourage their staff to take part in the 20 minute workouts.  You can subsidize all or part of the monthly fee for their training.  With progress reporting, you and your employees will see the difference. Check out the video below for more information.

Need a quick workout on your own?  Use the fitness center any time you want, with lockers and showers helping to eliminate any excuse. It’s free to use, sign up at our reception desk.

A Zen Moment
A Zen Moment
Emotional wellness is being able to identify how you’re feeling and coping effectively with stress. When you take care of yourself, you can be more positive with the people around you. Sometimes that means changing your scenery or some getting some time for yourself. Take some time sitting around the fire pit while looking at the garden and listening to the relaxing music on the North Terrazzo Deck.  Or sit back in an Adirondack chair in the park under the trees.
Don’t Panic, It’s Organic!
Don’t Panic, It’s Organic!
…meaning we offer locally sourced and organic food.  Give your body what it needs to energize you and keep you feeling healthy.  There are fresh food vending machines in the Turn Court and Flix Café is a Green Certified restaurant.  Alternate diets can be accommodated to suit your needs, like our Power Lunch, suggested by Future Wellness to support their fitness program.  Beyond Burger and veggie patties are available at the grill every day.

Future Wellness: A Complete System

Most gyms are merely warehouses with equipment. There’s no guidance on exercise, nutrition and motivation. That’s why the average attendance is only 10%. We do things very differently and include everything you need for success:

  • Appointment based supervised workouts
  • Personalized nutrition and exercise programs
  • Continuous one-on-one consultations
  • Education based on the latest research

Learn more!

Future Health Introduction

Mailing Address:

1201 West 5th Street, Suite T-110
Los Angeles, CA 90017

Phone: 213.534.3000

Main Gate:

450 South Bixel Street